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Our Why

We created Scout Hospitality to unleash our creative passion for perfected meetings and events. We thrive on personal relationships and pride ourselves on the collaboration aspect of each and every detail. We've been where you are and understand the challenges that come along with event planning. Making it a simple, enjoyable, and rewarding experience is our main goal.

Lindsie and Kaitlyn

The Scout Team

A collective 30 years in hospitality working for major hotel brands, we became industry scouts through sourcing, negotiation, and event execution.
We are a proud, women-owned small business.
Kaitlyn Cinquegrani
Kaitlyn's hospitality path began while working for a local hotel during college. Graduating with a bachelor's degree from Roosevelt University, she knew this was her passion and quickly immersed herself in event sales with one of the largest hotel companies in the world. Experienced in contract negotiation, account management, and event planning, her 15 years of knowledge and experience are crucial in streamlining and elevating the event planning process.
While the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaitlyn decided that this was the time to push the boundaries of what's comfortable and co-found Scout Hospitality with Lindsie. Operating a company that will allow the team to own the entire event collaboration process, Scout Hospitality enjoys the challenge of creating renowned events for its clients.
Lindsie Hass
Lindsie's career path began with the desire to help others in a hospitable way. After graduating from Eastern Illinois University, she began her career at an exclusive country club in the Chicago area leading golf outings and social events. She later attended Roosevelt University and earned her Master's Degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism Administration,
For the past 15 years, Lindsie has honed her skills with two of the most prestigious global hotel companies. She specialized in catering sales, proactive sales, and corporate account management. The recent COVID-19 pandemic spurred Lindsie and Kaitlyn to co-found Scout Hospitality, a dream into a reality.
Recognizing the importance of building trust and maintaining personal relationships, Lindsie welcomes the opportunity of working with you to create the kind of memorable events that will continually exceed your expectations.

Featured On The Face Of Community & Business

"Though never crossing paths before first working together, Co-Founders Lindsie Hass and Kaitlyn Cinquegrani were destined to become business partners and lifelong friends. The two founded Scout Hospitality, a corporate event planning company, during the pandemic and quickly found success in the industry." TFOCB

Scout Hospitality is your one stop shop for venue sourcing, planning and execution for your next event, conference, trade show or virtual meeting.